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"A Woman's Corner"

women change the world  everyday ,,,


                               is the language of the heart ...

Synonyms: belonging, closeness, inseparability, nearness  

"A Woman's Corner"

Related Words: immediacy, affinity, kinship, commitment, respect, devotion, affection, attachment, fondness, love, passion, constancy, faithfulness, fidelity, amity, fellowship, friendship, goodwill, affability, conviviality, cordiality, geniality, mutuality, and/or cliquishness

The greatest level of INTIMACY that you can ever experience is the INTIMACY that you develop with yourself. Otherwise you will not have anything to share with another person, or have anything to give anyone. Living from that level will always leave you looking for someone to fill you up and make you whole.  

Instead of looking for the perfect relationship, if you seek instead to "BECOME" the perfect relationship from within yourself, you will discover that everything you receive from your partner is a gift, and when they have nothing more to contribute to you, you still remain content and whole within yourself.

"Women Change the World Everyday ..."

"A Woman's Corner"